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Want Some Cool Free Lightroom Presets? Course you do!

Just stumbled upon this while looking longingly at onOne Software‘s wondrous range of editing wizardry: FREE, yes, FREE!!! Lightroom presets by Matt Kloskowski – and not the usual naff, hastily assembled ones that you usually find on the interweb but some really nice quality ones. Worth going over and downloading them, I’d say. Click here. And get a move on, this offer might be around for long.


The Male Portrait

Our successful recent workshop “The Male Portrait” included the opportunity to photograph two charismatic male subjects. One, Tom, is a professional model and no stranger to Fotofilia shoots…

Tom King at Fotofilia

Tom King at Fotofilia

Our second subject, Nick, was rather less used to be in front of the camera but proved to be an excellent and very photogenic model. Nick is, apart from many other things, the lead singer and primary creative drive behind the band Telsen (who I happen to play bass guitar with)…

Bodyscapes: Cally

A few more images from a “Bodyscapes” (art nude) workshop a year or so ago (that I’ve only just got around to editing). This time, the model was the lovely Cally.

Editing these images has reminded me that I need to schedule another Bodyscapes shoot very soon. Keep an eye on the website or newsletter for details.


Bodyscapes: Mark

The good thing about the Easter holidays is that it gives me a chance to go through my hard-drives and finally edit images that I might have taken many months ago as part of a Fotofilia workshop. In this case, these images of model Mark were taken over a year ago during a “Bodyscapes” evening (a series of art nude shoots, concentrating on lighting)…

In the next post, I’ll share some images of the female model from this event. Click here to find out more about Fotofilia training events.


What’s Special?

A few months ago, I announced a Studio Evening event at Fotofilia which was a little bit different to the ones we’ve been running for the best part of a decade. For this one, I booked only one model instead of the usual two, but the model I chose was the excellent Salleh Sparrow, a model with an incredible portfolio.

Salleh Sparrow at Fotofilia

I enjoyed this so much that I scheduled another – this time with a model who certainly needs no introduction, Ivory Flame.

And then another, with Stephanie Dubois

Stephanie Dubois at Fotofilia

And we’re doing it again – on Tuesday 19th May 7:30-10pm. As usual, I don’t reveal who the model will be until the event. To book your place, get in touch – soon!



With another term of our 10 week “Advanced Photography” course due to start at Fotofilia in the next couple of weeks, I thought I’d share a few assignment submissions by last term’s victims students. The phone-taken images seen here show some of the group’s responses to their first assignment of the course where they were asked to produce a copy, update, or even humorous pastiche of a pre-existing classic photograph or painting. Firstly, Nicky made this excellent version of Lewis Morley’s 1963 portrait of Christine Keeler using a bearded male friend as her subject.






Michelle reproduced a Banksy piece photographically, paying special attention to the right background, flowers etc. 




And Agnes managed to find a subject who bore a remarkable resemblence to Greta Garbo to faithfully recreate the period image on the left.

And finally, Rob practiced his photoshop skills to create this great copy of the iconic Velvet Underground album cover by Warhol.

I was very impressed yet again by our group. I hope to share their submissions from their second (main) assignment soon.

Sola Power 3

Another selection of images from Sola‘s successful “Light Graffiti Masterclass” in the darkened streets of Birmingham city centre close to the Old Library. This time, the photographer and wielder of the torch (although most of the images created that evening involved a certain amount of collaboration) was Drew Sumner.

Light painting by Drew Sumner

Light painting by Drew Sumner

Light painting by Drew Sumner

Check out the amazing work of Sola that inspired this workshop by clicking here



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